Maggie and Debby Update

Many of you may remember our story about Maggie, a young girl who as a baby fell into an open fire causing severe burns on both her hands, resulting in the loss of all her fingers. In 2016, an American counselor by the name of Debby was on a mission trip with Arise helping train our staff. While in the compounds Debby met Maggie when she was 7 years old and had never used her fingers. Maggie was shy, quiet, and hid her hands behind her back whenever she could. Debby could not ignore Maggie and began to ask Alissa about her. Thanks to Debby’s insistence, Alissa and Arise’s dedication, and CURE International, help was found for Maggie! Read about Maggie and Debby’s first encounter here.

Since Debby’s first visit in 2016, Maggie had surgery on her right hand, revealing all five of her once lost fingers. She got enrolled at Arise Christian School where of course, Debby has been her sponsor. Now, Maggie has been enjoying just being a 9-year-old girl. 

Debby returned to Zambia in December 2018, two and half years after serving as a catalyst to changing Maggie’s life. It was so special to watch Maggie at first sight run and jump into Debby’s arms just like life long friends. 

Maggie’s big curious eyes took everything in, but there were no hiding hands here! She was full of confidence with both her hands out on the table the entire lunch. 

“You’re one of the bravest little girls I’ve ever met. You are just so courageous.” Debby encouraged Maggie over banana pizza and chicken strips. 

Debby shared photos of them together from the first time they met. Maggie’s eyes lit up as she saw photos of herself from years earlier.

Maggie is now going into the 4th grade. Her favorite subject is math and she loves to read. One of her favorite stories is Peter and Jane. Maggie was quiet in words but loud in her confidence. She can now feed and dress herself. She can write her name. 

“I’m so glad I met her. I just can’t believe the difference.” Debby reflected after lunch with Maggie. We sure are too!

We are so thankful for Debby’s incredible heart. Thank you Lord for providing a way to help sweet little Maggie. There is so much we are thankful for in Maggie’s life by what she can now do with her right hand. And so much we are hopeful and expectant of what God has in her future.

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