Timothy Mbao

We’d like you to meet an intelligent, hard-working, jokester in our sponsorship program…Say hi to Timothy Mbao!

Timothy is a 19-year-old boy in the 12th grade enrolled at a government school called Northmead Secondary School in Lusaka. He lives in Matero with his mother and 4 siblings. Timothy and Arise go way back! He has been in our program since 2013!

Students like Timothy in our program at Matero attend a government run school from grades 8-12. Timothy admits that government school presents some challenges, like not having advanced learning material for students. This prevents him from being more creative in his learning skills. Timothy explains, “if we had all the necessary equipment for experiments, I would have already started getting better at learning how to become a doctor even before going to University. I wish to study medicine in India and later come back to Zambia to open my own hospital where I will give free medical services to the aged and also those that cannot afford to pay their own medical bills.”

Timothy, 2019

Timothy knows the value of being in sponsorship. Since the time he started, he has shown determination and willingness to learn. He is a goal-oriented person and his value for education is inspiring not only to other kids but also his community. Timothy shared how “although there is higher academic competition in high school, I have managed to make sure that I am among the top 5 in my class. I have done so well in all the subjects especially Biology, Math, History, Commerce and Civic Education.”

“Life should not always be taken seriously because you grow old faster. Laughter is good medicine and helps one stay younger for a long time.”


Over the years, Timothy has built a community of friends that have helped him grow spiritually, academically and socially. His best friend and classmate is Nickson. He loves hanging around Nickson because they share the same dreams, have a similar background, and are both good at making jokes. Fun fact: Timothy enjoys doing stand-up comedy in his free time! “Life should not always be taken seriously because you grow old faster. Laughter is good medicine and helps one stay younger for a long time” advices Timothy. His friends love how well he is able to balance his life and even envy that about him. He can make all the jokes in the world and will still be able to excel in class and deepen in his faith.

Timothy loves listening to country music and his favorite musician is Brad Paisley. (I promise we didn’t tell him to say this!) He says “country music is mature music and has a lot of great lessons to learn from. Not all of it is good but a good number of songs can teach valuable lessons.” He also loves Brad Paisley because his music is good enough to dedicate to Esther (the girl he likes from class)!

Timothy has shown a lot of notable changes in his character over the past 6 years. He used to be very shy and would never stay long after school to chat with anyone. He has now become so much more outgoing and can easily open up to anyone about anything. He says it was hard for him to open up and know how to trust people, but after experiencing the love he has received from his CSOs, he feels more secure and free to share more. He’s been mentored by a lot of people but his greatest mentor has been Susan Sikazwe. “Susan knows how to bring herself down to the level where kids can easily reach out to her. She can be a mother, a sister, a friend, and also a leader that loves everyone equally.”

His CSOs describe Timothy as determined and inspiring. They say his greatest strength is being able to work hard to make every situation become a win for him. It is hard to point out his weakness because whenever he sees something wrong, he works at making it better.

Timothy’s sponsors, the Vela family, have sponsored him since the beginning, when he was only 13 years old! Through exchanging letters and receiving reports and updates, they have seen him grow and mature throughout the years. They describe him as hard-working, responsible, and a sweetheart. The Vela’s prayer for Timothy is for him “to excel in school, and that Christ may direct his path for his ministry for Christ. We just know God has awesome things for Timothy! Even though we have never met, we consider him extended family and care for him deeply.”

Timothy is thankful for his sponsorship because it has helped him meet people that love him well, teach the Gospel of Jesus, and how to be a responsible person in society. Timothy has learned that one can achieve their set goals despite coming from a poor background. He believes that anything can be achieved if one is determined and puts in extra effort in their work.

We are so proud of Timothy and have enjoyed being a part of his learning and growth. Encourage him with us and pray Timothy’s determination is strengthened as he finishes high school, takes his final exams, and prepares for the future!

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