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Alice Phiri

I am 11 years old in Grade 3 at MacDonald Brown School. When I grow up, I want to be a doctor!

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Alice Phiri

Alice is 11 years old and is the youngest of four siblings. She and her siblings live with her mother in Mtendere East. When she was young, her father abandoned her family, and she hasn’t seen him since. Alice’s mother works as a vendor selling maize cobs to make ends meet. She is very close with her mother and enjoys helping her with tasks around the house. Some of her chores include washing dishes and sweeping. She loves cooking with her mother and learning how to prepare meals. Her favorite meal is rice served with chicken.

Alice is a devoted Catholic and enjoys going to church every Sunday and learning about God. Her favorite part about church is listening to the choir sing because it brings her so much happiness. Going to church on Sundays is a special time she gets to spend with her family and she looks forward to it every week.

When Alice grows up, she dreams of becoming a doctor. She wants to help those who are sick and in need. Alice has many friends and shares her goals with them. She encourages her friends to dream to be anything they want and to work hard to achieve their goal.

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