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Q&A with Armon

What’s your favorite thing about the Arise Homes?

“We have the best house parents that teach us to grow in our faith, forgiveness and being there for us when we need their hand.”

How can I pray for you?

“Pray that I will finish school with good grades and fulfill my dream job!”

Meet Armon

Armon has grown so much since he first moved into the Arise Homes in 2012. He enjoys learning new things, solving problems, and is so curious! He will ask you a million questions about any given subject. He is such a good listener and is a very understanding friend. It’s heartwarming to see how sweet and patient he is with others, especially the little ones in the homes. It’s no wonder his favorite animal is the jaguar because it hunts to not only feed itself, but others as well. That’s Armon, always thinking of others.

Armon’s favorite things are sports, art, and music. You can catch him randomly reciting song lyrics around the house. One of his favorite worship songs is Thank You by Hillsong. He is always willing to work hard and achieve what he sets his mind on. His three goals in life are to love people well, have faith in himself, and become a computer scientist.

In the early days of getting to know Armon, he was tough with a hard exterior. He was a hardworking child in our student sponsorship program since early 2012. Not receiving the proper care and experience neglect, Armon moved into the homes at the end of that year. He has faced a lot of pain in his childhood and watching him learn to overcome it all is truly the Lord at work. We are so lucky to have Armon in our care!

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