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Q&A with Christine

What is your favorite thing about the Arise Homes?

Having all my sisters!

How can I pray for you?

Pray that I will be kind to others and obey my house parents and teachers’ instructions.

Meet Christine

Christine is a ball of energy! She was only 5 years old when she moved into the Arise Homes, and instantly fell in love with all her sisters. She has a special way of making every new visitor her friend. No one is a stranger to Christine. She’s not afraid to tell you exactly what’s on her mind. She is chatty and silly and loves to dance with others, especially when you spin her! She can do puzzles all day long!

Christine’s favorite memory in the homes was when they all went camping together. When asked if she’d rather swim in the sea or travel to space, her response was, “travel to space to touch the stars because they sparkle.” We think Christine will be young at heart forever which will make her a great teacher one day.

Christine has albinism, which can be very dangerous in parts of Africa. Witch doctors have spread rumors about the sacrificial value of albinos and because of this people will go to great lengths to hurt or obtain them. Christine had been in a very dangerous and abusive living condition before social welfare stepped in and took her into custody. Social welfare soon contacted us about Christine’s situation and the possibility of taking her into our care full-time. They knew our homes could provide a safe, nurturing, and permanent environment for her. We are so thankful the Lord gave us Christine!

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