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Emanuel Phiri

I am 12 years old in Grade 6 at MacDonald Brown School. I love playing games with my friends!

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Emanuel Phiri

Emanuel is 12 years old and is in 6th grade at MacDonald Brown School. He lives with his mother and his two younger brothers. His mother runs a small business selling fruit at a local street stand. Emanuel and his family attend church every Sunday and his favorite part is going to Sunday School because it provides an opportunity for him to learn about different Bible stories. His two favorite Bible stories are “Jesus Calms the Storm” and Jesus Feeds 5000″.

Emanuel is a great reader and loves reading story books in school and at home. He knows that reading every day improves his reading skills and his language development. In school, his favorite subject is English because it’s the subject he gets to read the most in. He also enjoys math because it’s a subject that challenges him the most and makes him think critically.

Emanuel is very hard-working and he is focused on his schoolwork. When he grows up, he wants to be a pilot because he is so fascinated by how airplanes work.

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