Affectionate. Strong-Willed. Observant.


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Q&A with Enny

What is your favorite thing about the Arise Homes?

“The investment in quality education.”

How can I pray for you?

“Pray for me to complete school with good grades and have a bright future.”

Meet Enny

Enny loves with her whole heart. She is sensitive, nurturing, and feels deeply. You can sense a presence around her that makes others feel welcomed. She is polite as can be and trusting of others. Some of her favorite memories living in the homes have been enjoying movie nights with her sisters. There are two things she’s confident in and enjoys doing and that’s decorating cakes and playing soccer. She loves to learn and isn’t afraid to try something new. Though she wishes she were better at it, she loves to sing and braid her sisters’ hair. She is almost always found dancing the night away! Enny’s dream is to be either a lawyer or journalist, and we know she is going to change lives one day!

Before moving into the Arise Homes, Enny and her brother Shadreck were fighting to survive on their own. They were students in our sponsorship program at the time. With nowhere to go, Enny finally found a place to call home with Arise in 2013, though it never really felt complete until Shadreck also moved in in 2015. We are overwhelmingly blessed to have both Enny and Shadreck with us!

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