Florence Tonga

High School Graduate – Future Chemical Engineer

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About Florence

Florence is the youngest child in a family of 2. She lives with her mother and older brother in Matero, a compound in Lusaka. She has an older brother George who is 22 years old. Florence lost her father when she was 3 years old. Since his death, it has been her mother, George, and Florence. Currently, her mother is the only provider for the family. She works at an industrial factory that manufactures children’s snacks.

Florence is bubbly, focused, hardworking, ambitious and intelligent. She enjoys reading, especially books by Colleen Hoover, watching movies, painting, and singing. Apples, vegetables, chicken, and potatoes are among her favorite foods. Her favorite colors are purple and pink. She has a best friend Pauline who loves to spend time with her. They read, talk and share their dreams and ambitions. Florence enjoys reading the Bible as well. Her favorite verse is Psalm 125:1-5. It reminds her to rely on Him rather than live for the things of this world.

Florence passed her high school exams with high marks and qualified for university. She wants to become a chemical engineer. She excelled in the sciences and took additional math classes in school. Due to her love of learning, we know she will thrive in this field.

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