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Happy Mwale

I am 11 years old in 2nd grade at Taonga School. I love playing soccer!

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Happy Mwale

Happy is 11 years old and is the second born in a family of all sisters. Happy has one older sister, and two younger sisters. Together, they live with their parents in Lusaka.

Happy’s dad works in construction as a bricklayer, and his mom sells vegetables. His family is part of the Jehovah’s Witness denomination and they love learning about God together.

As the only boy at home, Happy’s main job is helping his mom fetch water for the household. In his free time, he enjoys playing soccer with his friends and proudly takes on the role of the top striker. His favorite color is green, and he loves eating Nshima, a staple food in Zambia.

Happy is an extremely hardworking student and hopes to become a doctor one day. His goal is to help sick people once he finishes his education.

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