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Hope Tembo

I am 9 years old in 2nd grade at Taonga School. My favorite color is orange!

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Hope Tembo

Hope is a 9 year old girl with a bright and cheerful spirit. She is currently in second grade at Taonga School. Hope’s family lives in Mutendere East, and she comes from a close-knit family. Her father is a general worker, while her mother works as a house helper. Despite their different occupations, her parents are happily together.

Her favorite color is orange, and she loves math. When it comes to meals, Hope’s favorite is Nshima with beef and kale, a delicious and hearty choice. She also enjoys snacking on apples, savoring the sweetness of this popular fruit. In her free time, Hope engages in activities that bring joy and laughter. Playing tag and dodgeball are her favorite games to play with friends.

Looking ahead to the future, Hope has big dreams. She aspires to become a nurse, showcasing her caring and compassionate nature. With her positive attitude, love for family, and dreams for the future, Hope Tembo is a young girl filled with promise and potential.

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