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Q&A with Lovemore

What is your dream job?

My dream job is working as an artist (drawing).

How can sponsors pray for you?

Pray that I will continue to do well in school.

Meet Lovemore

Lovemore is energetic and full of enthusiasm! He is a protective older brother to Muyunda and together they moved into the Arise Homes in 2016. Since then, Lovemore, Muyunda, and Daniel became inseparable! Their favorite things to do together are play soccer, run around outside, and bug hunt. He enjoys games of all kind including video games and racing. He can also hold his own in basketball against the older boys.

Not only is Lovemore so smart but he’s a quick learner too. He had never been on a bike before moving into the homes, but was immediately drawn to them and was determined to learn how to ride. In just a few weeks, he was riding without training wheels all over the neighborhood! He works hard and excels in the classroom as well and has brought home many “Star of the Week” certificates. He loves to draw and dreams of being an artist one day! If he had one superpower it would be to fly so he could go anywhere in the world whenever he wanted.

Lovemore and Muyunda were living in government transitional housing before finding security in the Arise Homes. At the time, very little had been known about their past or where they came from. They were young boys found living on their own. The government used various media outlets to try and find any living family members, but 8 months had gone by and still no answers. The boys needed a forever home and we couldn’t be more excited to welcome Lovemore home!

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