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Sweet, warm-hearted, motivated.

Sponsorships start at $50. The cost per month that Arise spends on each child is $75. Please join our mission at whatever level works for you. Any extra helps!

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Q&A with Mary

What is your favorite thing about the Arise Homes

My sisters.

How can I pray for you?

Pray for me to stay focused and do well in my school work.

Meet Mary

Mary always has a sweet smile on her face that feels like sunshine. She can be quiet at first but when she warms up, she is not shy! You can count on Mary to be honest and speak her mind. She loves to be around people, especially new visitors to the home. Her favorite hobbies are playing on the computer and doing Brain Quest workbooks. Our book worm loves school and dreams of being a teacher one day! Outside of the classroom, her favorite thing to do at school is play soccer with her friends. She also loves music and you can occasionally catch her singing lyrics to herself around the house.

Mary suffers from sickle cell anemia. She shares that one of the best parts about the Arise Homes is having good health. Mary thrives at living a full and happy life and does not allow her illness to define her. It’s inspiring to watch her learn and do things that stretch her out of her comfort zone.

When we first met Mary, she was a student in our sponsorship program living with her grandmother. Her sickness was more than her grandmother could handle and Mary faced worsening symptoms due to the lack of resources and finances needed to provide her with proper care. With her grandmother’s approval, we agreed to relieve her of the stress and move Mary into the homes in 2016. We are encouraged by Mary’s determination and love seeing her grow in her strength and confidence.

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