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Mirriam Kambole

CHRESO University, Business Administration

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Mirriam Kambole

Miriam is 21 years old and a graduate of our Arise Christian School. She has a twin brother and four additional siblings! She lives with her mother, who is a widow, and her siblings. Sadly, her father died when she and her twin brother were only 3 months old. Her mother is a housekeeper to provide for the family.

Miriam is cheerful and friendly. She likes to meet new people and enjoys hanging out with friends. Her idea of a good day is sharing a good meal with friends and family. She loves to cook and would like to be as wonderful as her mother is in the kitchen someday. Her favorite meals are potato salad, fried fish, and rice with fried chicken. Miriam also likes to listen to music, read novels, and sing. Her favorite colors are blue, pink, purple and black.

Miriam completed high school in 2022 and has has been accepted to study Business Administration at CHRESO University in Lusaka. She is excited about this opportunity because she the first in her family to achieve this level of education. When she completes her program she would like give back to her community by helping females understand the importance of education.

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