Sporty. Artistic. Funny.


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Q&A with Mukonda

What is your favorite thing about the Arise Homes?

“Being around people who genuinely love and care for you.”

How can I pray for you?

“Pray that I may have wisdom and follow the Lord more.”

Meet Mukonda

Mukonda loves both athletics and art. He loves any and all sports just as much as he enjoys art. His two favorite things at school are both the art room and basketball court. Mukonda has a competitive spirit and always fights to win, especially against his younger brother Fred, who also lives in the homes. Being as athletic as he is, Mukonda was named the Sports Prefect at school, a position he takes very seriously. He’s a confident leader who is extremely caring, helpful, and protective. He is a great example and big brother too!

Mukonda is very driven when he sets his sight on something. When the boys’ soccer field needed grass planted, and things were not getting done fast enough, Mukonda decided to take matters into his own hands. He asked us to buy the materials for him and he planted the grass himself every day after school and on the weekends until it was ready to be played on. It’s such a blessing to have Mukonda in our care.

We first met Mukonda in 2010. Him and his brother Fred come from a big family with loving parents. They were both students in our sponsorship program when our team began to notice their great struggle to remain clean and fed. Their desperation became apparent. With their parents’ blessing, the boys moved into the Arise Homes in 2014. The boys’ parents remain a part of their lives as we help foster healthy relationships with their family.

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