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Energetic, silly, smart

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Meet Muyunda

Muyunda is outgoing, spunky, and is always laughing! Whether he is doing chores or working on homework, he always finds ways to make sure he’s having fun. There are few moments he’s not being silly or playing friendly jokes on others. He is inseparable from his older brother, Lovemore, and their best friend Daniel. You usually won’t find one without the other. Muyunda is spontaneous and unpredictable. He constantly surprises us in the things he says and does. You have to always be ready for anything when you’re around him.

Muyunda loves playing soccer and is very skilled at it. His dream job is to be a professional soccer player so he can play all day long. He also really enjoys school. He’s curious and loves to learn. A fun fact about Muyunda is that he is great at cursive! Some of his other favorite hobbies are drawing, swimming, and karate. His favorite memory in the Homes has been going on a family trip to Livingston. As he puts it, “it was a trip of a lifetime!”

Muyunda and his older brother Lovemore were living in a government transitional housing before finding security in the Arise Homes. At the time, very little had been known about their past or where they came from. They were young boys found living on their own. The government used various media outlets to try and find any living family members, but 8 months had gone by and still no answers. The boys needed a forever home and we are so grateful the Lord gave us Muyunda!

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