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How can you pray for me?

Pray for continued passion for school and to keep improving my grades

Meet Sharon

Sharon, her twin sister Mildred, and their younger brother Gift, were in our student sponsorship program where they attended our school daily.  Their mother committed suicide years ago.  They moved in with their grandmother after their mother’s death into a very tiny home.  Their grandmother slept on a chair at night due to no space.  The grandmother had no means to support them and the only meals they were eating was through our school.  Arise Africa worked with the children’s grandmother who continued to ask us to take them into full time custody.   With the blessing of their grandmother, the Zambian government worked with us to transition the children into our full-time custody so that they could learn and thrive.  We are so blessed to have Sharon, Mildred and Gift in our homes!!  We continue to work with their grandmother who is still involved in their lives and sees them regularly.

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