Shepherd Sinkala

High School Graduate – Hoping to study Information Technology and Software Development

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About Shepherd

Shepherd is the oldest in a family of four, he has two sisters Beatrice, Favor and a young brother Joshua. Shepherd stays with his parents. His mother works at a school and his father has a small business in town.

Shepard has lived in Matero all hilife. Growing up in a community like his comes with its challenges. The biggest challenges for youth in his community are crime and drug abuse. Shepherd is an exception to this trend. He is committed to his education and he spends his free time at the Arise Africa Matero Resource Centr (MRC) during the week. Shepherd attends the MRC’s various programs like Bible class, tutoring, computer lessons and reading. He is also a lover of puzzles and any activities that are thought-provoking. He loves food too and enjoys cooking. Minced meat and rice are his favorite meals. He also likes to watch soccer with his best buddies Gideon and Kepson.

Shepherd is very active at church and is a member of the praise team. He enjoys singing and the instruments. His favorite verse is Psalm 23:1-6. He loves it because it was the longest and first verse he memorized when he was a child. It has guided him ever since and the older he gets the more meaning it has to him.

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