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Empower Sibongile with a monthly sponsorship of $50 to $75. While the true cost is $75, pick the amount that suits your financial comfort.

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How old is Sibongile?

11 years old!

Meet Sibongile

Sibongile moved into the Arise Homes in January of 2024. Before that, Sibongile and her brother, Sandres Phiri, were students at our Ibex Hill schools. They were under the loving care of their aging grandfather, who was their only living relative. As their grandfather’s ability to care for them diminished due to age and health, he had to relocate to a remote village for the rest of his life. Consequently, Sandres and Sibongile moved into our Arise Homes, where 16 other children already resided under the devoted care of our house parents. These children come from challenging backgrounds and have nowhere else to turn for family and support. Welcoming new children into our homes is a significant decision, and we approach it with utmost commitment, treating them as our own. You can join Sandres and Sibongile’s new family by becoming a sponsor today.

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