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Thandiwe Kasweka

I am 9 years old and in Grade 1 at Taonga School. I want to be a doctor!

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Thandiwe Kasweka

Thandiwe is 9 years old and is in first grade. She lives in Ibex Hill with her parents and two siblings. Thandiwe’s mother is a dedicated housewife and her father picks up small jobs around the neighborhood. Together, they provide for their close knit family.

In school, Thandiwe’s favorite subjects are Math and Social Studies. She is passionate about doing well in school and enjoys learning new things. Thandiwe’s active and spirited side comes to life through her favorite hobbies – dancing and playing dodgeball.

In her future, Thandiwe hopes to become a doctor. She enjoys helping others and wants to make a difference in the world when she grows up.

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