Kochelani Daka

Child Sponsorship Director

Kochelani, or as we like to call “Koch”, is a passionate, high-spirited, and hardworking man of God that deeply loves the Lord. He has worked for Arise Africa for over 7 years and finds it very refreshing to be a part of a family that looks at the educational, spiritual, and social life of a child. He loves working with his team and being a part of a community working towards a common goal. He really enjoys getting to hang out with the children and getting to know each of their families. Koch is a man of many colors and in his free time he loves to work as a radio announcer and dj.  In fact, he hopes to have his own radio station in the future! Aside from announcing on the radio, Koch also loves to cook in his free time. His favorite dish to prepare is Nshima with chicken and eggplants. Koch’s favorite verse in the Bible is Romans 1:16. He likes this verse because of the musical group called 116, which is named after the verse. The leader of 116, Lecrae, is Koch’s favorite gospel artist. Before coming to Arise, Koch worked for the United Nations industrial development organization UNIDO as an office assistant.

Koch’s favorite part about working with Arise is hanging out with the kids, talking about God with them, and visiting their homes. He works with Arise because he gets to see the golden smiles on the children’s faces. He knows that he is making an impact on their lives through the love that God has given him to share.

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