MacDonald Brown School

Arise Africa is currently in the process of building the MacDonald Brown school that will educate some of the 5th-12th grade students in our sponsorship program.  We currently have the Taonga School that educates from kindergarten to grade 4 and Arise needed to build the next school to further their education.   When completed, the school will have everything to properly educate and pour into a student within Arise.  This consists of classrooms, sports fields, computer lab, cafeteria, science labs, a chapel and more!  Read more to learn about the city on a hill that Arise is working to build!

Current Building Process: Phase Two

We are currently in phase two of the building project. The addition in total will cost us $350,000 dollars and provide the school with a cafeteria, a walkway that is covered for protection from the elements, and 3 more classrooms. With your help of donations, we can complete this phase and be one step closer to the completion of the MacDonald Brown School. To learn more about the MacDonald Brown School history and what this addition will mean for the school download our MacDonald Brown School pamphlet down below.

1 Cafeteria                              $182,000

1 Covered Walkway            $18,000

3 Classrooms                        $150,000

                                             Total $350,000

Through the generosity of many supporters, the land has been purchased for the new school and the building series has begun. MacDonald Brown School sits on a 4-acre lot in the Ibex Hill community in Lusaka. The site plan is broken into 4 building phases, of which we have completed phase one. The second phase is underway and will include 3 classrooms, a cafeteria, and a covered walkway. After all four phases are completed the school will feature classrooms for grades 5-12, an administration block, a dining hall, a library, and sports facilities. On-site will also include a sanctuary, where Arise will partner with a local church to disciple our students. Consider partnering with us to build a school and transform lives!

MacDonald Brown School First Week with Students

Watch Video

Builder Iain sharing a project update

A Look into our Past Updates

Together We Are Building Brighter Futures

We currently have an amazing primary school, Taonga School, that provides education for students in grade K-4. As our students pass to the next grade, we have opened makeshift classrooms in homes and bedrooms. This has simply been our quick-fix solution to continue to provide our students in grades 5-6 an education. The MacDonald Brown School will help us solve this problem for good! We are building a secondary school for students in grades 5-12! 

 Our builder and his crew are beginning the second phase of construction which will include an additional 3 classrooms and a toilet block when complete! We are excited to continue with construction and have the proper space to fully educate and lead our students.

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