Arise Girls Home

Mary standing next to an Elephant
Violet and Margaret
Violet and Margaret

Our Girls Home

The girls who live in our home are incredible people, and we couldn’t be more blessed that they’re living in our full-time care. Built in 2016, our girls’ home is located just a few blocks away from the boys’ home. Each girl has one or two roommates and they’re directly involved in decorating their own space—they have more opinion on the decor than our boys do.

The girls live with our house moms, Dailes and Lembo. There’s a library with computers available to them, as well as a large front porch and backyard. The girls love to spend their time reading, braiding each others’ hair, and listening to music. During their school breaks, they love to swim, as well as play soccer and netball! Our girls’ home is a vibrant, joyful place that’s full of energy and so much chatting!

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